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E-logix Business Services has been in business since 2007. Within expertise in production of products, marketing, logistic strategy, operations of exporting and importing costumer merchandise and delivering the goods with excellence and affordable price for you.

E-logix Business Services is based in South Florida and has a variety of services to offer, it goes from a fulfillment center that helps companies have their inventory held safely on a strategic location with affordable prices and prime technology to handle orders as fast as possible, also we have been working with private E-commerce, marketplaces or sales channels administration such as Amazon, EBay, Buy.com, Sears and others that leads companies to increase sales and have more demand. We are also offering our clients that want to have their own base here a consultation and support to find the best location for them and have the facility completed and ready.

Our mission is always to understand better the needs of our partners being flexible and cooperative with all, treating all equal with professionalism and honest creating a better relationship and environment.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

Services Provided

Below you will find a mix of services and capabilities provided in our fulfillment center to your company.

Fulfillment Center

In our fulfillment center we provide all the warehouse and logistics services for your company such as receiving, storage and shipping of your goods, pick, pack and ship once orders are approved, preparation of labels and necessary documentation for outbound, also all the orders will be integrated in a web based software that allows us to work more efficiently using powerful tools to ship orders fast and safe as well to control your inventory.

Another great advantage of having the inventory handling in our facility is the proximity to the best ports in South Florida such as Fort Lauderdale Port, Miami Port, Everglades Port and with that having betters rates and fast delivery when you ship to distributors or stores in the Caribbean Islands, Central America and South America using air freights or oceans freights throughout freight forwarders.

  • In our network your company will have accessibility to different freights forwarders in south Florida that have a strong and trust worthy relation with us.
  • Fast delivery and less shipping cost to your customers.
  • Located in South Florida you will have affordable rates to ship to the Caribbean Islands, Central America and South America.
  • Marketplace Administration (e-commerce, Amazon, EBay, Sears).
  • Web Store creation.
  • Wholesale and Retail orders fulfillment.
  • Receiving, Storage and Shipping (Containers / pallets / cases / units).
  • Order processing (pick/pack/ship).
  • Packaging & Labeling.
  • Assembling.
  • Inventory Control.
  • Short term or long term contract.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Business Consultation.

Marketplace Administration

Sales channels are the most powerful tool to help your company to drive the retail side and help you increase sales to reach your goal. Today amazon has dominated the retail space on web in US as in other countries like UK. This service allows you to have a store well managed with all your products listed on the best sales channels as Amazon, EBay, and Sears for a thousand of viewers every day 24 hours a day. Each marketplace or sale channel have its own format and way to work that needs to have good skills in order to have your products listed on each marketplace within a professional looking as your company deserve.

Social Media Marketing

Determine Social Media Strategy and Review company short term and long goals in using social media. Create an overall plan for initial and on-going social media activities and responsibilities and for key messaging strategies. E-logix Business Services will present a professional representation of the company that align closely with other marketing and branding efforts.

FBA Preparation

We will receive your shipment, unpack it, inspect it, perform whichever prep services you need, repackage your product, apply your shipping labels, and send your shipment off to FBA Warehouses, all with comprehensive customer support and NO MONTHLY FEES!

We only charge a FLAT FEE to prepare your merchandise and send to Amazon. Why pay a lot fees on labels, boxes, sticker removal, oversize box and etc..?

We work with our clients to receive the merchandise directly from their suppliers to then turn around and ship their product quickly to FBA. We have the ability to receive full truck loads and containers, along with storing inventories for extended periods of time as well. Our FBA product prep and shipping programs are costumized to each individual client in order to perform efficiently and meet the needs of each account.

Our clients ship their FBA merchandise to our distribution center where it is received into our FBA product prep system. We have a staff who are specifically trained on FBA product prep and shipping policies put in place by Amazon. Our expertise and large scale efficiencies reduce our clients FBA shipping and product prep costs when compared to internal Amazon FBA product prep or to in-house FBA product prep..

Business Consultation

We are also give consultation to choose the best area for your business size, as well to find the perfect place for your business on a great work environment, once the place is found, we design a project to make your work place with a necessary dynamic for your business flow.

  • Find the best location for your business.
  • Design of office and warehouse.
  • Assembly of pallet and shelf position.
  • Create a dynamic warehouse workstation.
  • Find the best software solution for your field.
  • Installation of all equipment at your workplace.

All services are provided independently or as a package according to the requirements of each company.

Any point of our business layout can be discussed and reviewed to improve the development of our clients and partners and all the agreement must be made under contract.


Our company has been working with E-logix for over a year and everything is handle as it should be. The Company has a great communication, the order is fulfilled everyday with no problem at all, and also they handle our FBA Amazon with no issues or gaps on our inventory. Everything flows dynamically meeting our expectation. Best Bronze USA Fernando Silva - CEO/Owner

E-Logix as a company is very easy to work with and makes my business run much smoother. I sleep better knowing I have contracted the right team to receive, quality control, and prep/send my inventory to Amazon FBA. I would recommend them to anyone trying to automate their business. The Purple Tractor Gary Reigal - CEO

We have been working with E-logix for over a year now, I have my two brands handle by them and I just can't say enough good things about it. Fast, reliable, awesome customer service, great logistics services and for sure the best value in Florida as far as I concern. 5 stars across the board. GT Boards LLC Guilherme Tamega
6X Bodyboarding World Champion - CEO/Owner

Great company, they do everything from logistics to sales channels as Amazon that help to improve our sales target, also they have the most important thing, a good Price that fits perfect on our budget, and that’s create to us a better vision to scale our business. Invert Style Corporation Jorge Barreto - CEO/Owner


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